– Daniel R. Streett examines Genesis 1.2 in the LXX.

– Larry Hurtado announces a dialogue he is having with James Dunn on Jesus veneration.

– Tim Gombis shares some thoughts on Paul the Pharisee.

– Brian Godawa explores the passages of Scripture that describe a cosmic collapse: Pt. 1; Pt. 2; Pt. 3; and Pt. 4.

– Marc Cortez explains how a debate over inerrancy can be about something other than inerrancy.

– John Bryon argues that inerrancy is an unhelpful doctrine. Nick Norelli writes a response.

– Tommy Wasserman announces a conference about how the Bible became a book.

– Todd Miles contributes his third entry on the relationship between the local church and missions.

– Daniel Kirk gives a brief review of Scot McKnight’s King Jesus Gospel.