I think this is my tentative SBL schedule:

Saturday, November 19th

9-11:30AM S19-138, Synoptic Gospels: Reading Luke’s Redaction and Rhetoric

1-2:30PM S19-242a, The Future of Biblical Studies: What Research Still Needs to be Done?

4-6:30PM S19-341, Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity: Scripture in the Synoptic Gospels

7-8PM, SBL Presidential Address

10-11:30PM, SBL Student Member’s Reception

Sunday, November 20th

1-3:30PM S20-231, Mark

4-6:30PM S20-325, Markan Literary Sources: Considering Markan Literary Sources for Mark 6-8


4-6:30PM S20-326, Matthew: Matthew and Torah

Monday, November 21st

9-11:30AM S21-146, Synoptic Gospels: New Studies in the Synoptic Problem (Review)

1-3:30PM S21-219, Extent of Theological Diversity in Early Christianity: Gospels in the Second Century

4-6:30PM S21-317, Historical Jesus: The Historical Jesus in Recent Research