– Tim Henderson asks if the choice of Levi in Mark 3.13-19 indicates the acceptance of a “thirteenth tribe”.

– Michael Bird shares C. Kavin Rowe’s reading of Acts 17.6-7 and the statement that the church preached “another king”.

– Larry Hurtado writes about “Jesus of Galilee”.

– P.J. Williams announces the discovery of a new Coptic piece of Jeremiah.

– William Varner shares some lessons from the Didache.

– Daniel R. Streett explores the use of software tools for learning Greek.

– April DeConick wants to talk technology.

– Tim Kimberley provides a short biography of Thomas Aquinas.

– Rob Bell will no longer pastor Mars Hill. Tony Jones introduces his replacement, Shane Hipps.

– Tony Cruz reflects on preaching and speaking.

– Daniel Kirk shares some thought on evangelicals in the public square. Also, he posted some videos of FTS faculty discussing women in ministry.

– N.T. Wright comments on American Christian’s views on the death penalty. John Blake of CNN asks how Christians can support the death penalty.

– Marc Cortez asks what we should do with flawed heroes.