What events recorded in Scripture must be historical for you to affirm the truthfulness of Christianity?

For instance, it seems among evangelicals there are many who would say that it doesn’t matter if the “sun stood still” as Joshua led Israel in war or if Jonah and Job are real people, but the Exodus and the Resurrection have to have been real events.

One reason why I think the debate over the historicity of Adam and Eve has been so intense is because Christians are wrestling with the implications of this teaching. What would it mean to Christian anthropology, gender and race relations, marriage, our doctrines of sin and atonement, and even eschatology?

What would you argue must have happened?

Does it matter to you if the cosmos were created in six “days”, if Adam and Eve were real people, if the Fall happened, if the world was destroyed in a global flood, if the Tower of Babel existed, if the sun stood still for Israel, if Jonah and Job were real people, if Isaiah and Daniel prophesied all the content attributed to their name, if Jesus was born of a virgin, if Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead, if the zombie apocalypse happened, if Jesus himself was raised from the dead, if Jesus ascended into heaven, if Jesus has a literal second coming?

For some all or none of this list matters. I’d like to hear your reasoning. For others there are some things that matter and others that do not. Why? What is your hermeneutical approach to making these decisions? What is your logic behind it?

I’d enjoy hearing from you!