Since relocating to Missouri, I’ve had to rethink my own denomination, and now, I’ve also had to rethink the mode of baptism.

I went by Covenant Theological Seminary, which is PCA.  I had the opportunity to visit with Prof. Robert Yarbrough, formerly of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  He has been at Covenant Seminary for over a year now.  We had just enough time to talk about Infant Baptism.

Prof. Yarbrough was formerly ordained in the Southern Baptist Denomination.  He moved his ordination to Presbyterian Church of America (PCA).  As someone who does missionary work, Yarbrough now reflects with gratitude.  He told me that he has been able to work with not only those who subscribe to Infant Baptism but also with those who subscribe to believer’s baptism.

My Appreciation

Prof. Yarbrough gave me the classic covenant argument for Infant Baptism.  Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate this aspect of the practice. Yarbrough found himself stressing the need to understand covenant theology.  In fact, he recommended three books for me to explore the matter further.

So I went to the bookstore and found a book by Doug Wilson on the subject.  I began to browse through it.

And yes, I’ve come to see that immersion is not the only accepted mode of baptism in the New Testament.  This is clear from how the Baptism of the Spirit is portrayed in the book of Acts (2; 10-11).

My Departure

While I appreciate Prof. Yarbrough’s passionate argument, and that of other Presbyterians that I’ve encountered in St. Louis, there’s a major point of departure that I’ve found.

I get the infant inclusion in covenant through the practice of Infant Baptism (as I said above, I’ve since come to appreciate this).

But when I discovered that a person who was baptized as an infant has no need to be baptized as an adult when he or she comes to faith in Christ because the Infant Baptism counts, my appreciation ended and my departure began.

But I will not belabor the issue here.