If you believe strongly that Adam was a historical person, or if you believe strongly that he is a metaphor, and you’d like to write as guest post for NearEmmaus.com presenting your views, please email me at brianleport@gmail.com; contact me on Facebook, Google +, or Twitter; or leave a comment here.

I’m asking that you be a confessing Christian who sees Scripture as authoritative for the church. In other words, you affirm or deny Adam’s historicity and you see Scripture as more than a collection of human writings absent of God’s inspiration (that doesn’t mean you have to affirm inerrancy or infallibility, per se, but merely that you still find Scripture to be the canon from which the church gets its story and doctrine).

If you affirm the historicity of Adam then I’d like you to explain why you reject the claims of a majority of scientist. You can appeal to your view of Scripture, your solidarity with the Intelligence Design Movement, and so forth, but you need to tell us why you don’t find arguments against Adam persuasive as relates to science. If you affirm Adam as metaphor you’d need to explain how that relates to the nature of Scripture, origins, Paul’s arguments in Romans and 1 Corinthians, and so forth.