(14) Darrell Bock is interviewed about Christian doubt.

(13) Matt J. Rossano asks if evolution is God playing dice.

(12) Brian Gronewoller evaluates the shift in church-state relations in the fourth century.

(11) Tony Jones explains why Mainline Christians don’t care about Rob Bell.

(10) Amos Yong talks about disability and the church.

(9) Roger Olson asks what makes a person an evangelical.

(8) Richard Mouw says Mormonism is not a cult. Daniel O. McClellan addresses the same subject.

(7) Marc Cortez asks you to choose between Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

(6) Fred Sanders explains Vatican II.

(5) Mark Batluck has posted audio from the day of honor for Larry Hurtado.

(4) Matt Emerson evaluates our hermeneutics.

(3) Mark Goodacre releases a new podcast where he discusses the walking, talking cross of the Gospel of Peter.

(2) James VanderKam discusses Google putting the Dead Sea Scrolls online.

(1) Peter Enns is blogging frequently now.