Brian Auten of Apologetics 315 has interviewed Dr. Craig A. Evans on a wide array of subjects related to historical Jesus scholarship here. This is part of the blurb:

“He talks about his background and how he got into this area of scholarship (Jesus, the Gospels and Biblical manuscripts), what impresses him most about the Bible, handling manuscripts, the quest for the historical Jesus (and its overall timeline), the scholarly opinion on the “Jesus never existed” claim, the consensus of scholarship (and why scholarship is important), the contemporary distortion of Jesus, the demonstrable flaws in the thinking of particular scholars, evaluating presuppositions, a case for the reliability of the Gospels, the contrasting view of the “other” gospels, how to investigate the miracle claims within the Gospels, responding to the “failed apocalyptic prophet” objection, the faults in Bart Ehrman’s reasoning, advice for those taking their Biblical studies seriously, the do’s and don’ts of arguing for Bible reliability, and more.”