My friend Robert Jimenez (formerly blogged here) wrote a short book on the humanity of Christ. It is available for purchase both in print and on Kindle. I have read it and I wrote a short forward to it as well.

The blurb on the book is as follows:

A theological look at the Philippians 2:6-7. The purpose of the book is to analyze to what extent did Jesus empty himself? If he did, what exactly did him empty himself of? Are we to understand Philippians 2:6-7 as being metaphorical or metaphysical? The book also address to what extend was Jesus led by the Spirit, and will seek to answer how did Jesus perform miracles, and healings, and how did he accomplish as man the ability to live a holy life?

The author seeks to further understand the Humanity of Christ, while fully embracing the historic view that Jesus Christ was fully God, and fully human.

This book would make a fine outline for a small group study on the doctrine of the humanity of Christ. I recommend it!