I’ve been working on the pericope of the woman in Bethany who anoints Jesus for burial in Matthew 26.6-13, Mark 14. 3-9, Luke 7.36-50, and John 12.1-8. I’m becoming convinced after a discussion with my friend and fellow blogger JohnDave Medina that this is the same story across four Gospels even if the details are drastically different at times (especially on John).

I have attached my synopsis (based on the SBL GNT) to this post so you can see what I’ve done so far. I am using the color coding recommended by Mark Goodace in his book on the Synoptic Problem:

When I compared the Synoptics with John I highlight similarities in the color of a given Gospel rather than change the color of the text (e.g. if I see a connection between John and Mark I highlight John in red). What I’ve found very interesting so far is a few phrases that seem to correspond quite well between John and Mark and them even some shared by John with Mark and Matthew (purple). Also, I’ve noticed that the “feet” are important in Luke and they are there in John as well.

Take the time to download this PDF and then leave a comment if you have any insights. It would be fun to collaborate on this! Download here: LePort. At Bethany.