I have begun posting a weekly list of my favorite ten to fifteen reads on Saturdays only (at least for the time being), instead of several lists a week. If you would like more frequent recommendations connect with us on Facebook at After Emmaus.

(15) Tim Kimberely profiles Athanasius.

(14) Michael Licona discusses Christian doubt (and somewhere Norm Geisler is typing a rebuttal).

(13) Peter Enns takes issue with Al Mohler’s understanding of evolution, his argument for the apparent age of the cosmos (Pt. 1; Pt. 2), and some of the things Mohler said on NPR.

(12) Al Mohler addresses the claim that evangelicals are dangerous.

(11) John Bergsma writes on the Mass being heaven on earth.

(10) Mark Goodacre has recently recorded podcasts on the Gospel of Peter 42 and Jesus in John’s Gospel.

(9) Michael Bird introduces the Book of Hebrews.

(8) James McGrath comments on how mythicist use the Apostle Paul’s words wrongly.

(7) Tim Henderson asks if James and the Jerusalem Apostles were celibate.

(6) Matthew R. Malcolm notifies us that his doctoral dissertation on 1 Corinthians is available online.

(5) Tommy Wasserman argues that Mark 1.1 should read “Son of God”.

(4) Bill Mounce examines the translation of οὐ μὴ εἰσέλθητε in Matthew 5.20.

(3) Daniel Kirk makes a plea for us to remember the value of eschatology. Specifically, he wants us to remember “Jesus eschatology”.

(2) Nijay Gupta notifies us of a forthcoming book by N.T. Wright titled How God became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels.

(1) Scot McKnight delivered the Parchman Lectures at Baylor University on atonement, evangelicalism, gospel, and universalism.