One of the most interesting/frustrating aspects of Double Tradition material is how some pericopae can be very similar and others very different. One example would be the story of the Two Slaves in Matthew 24.45-51 and Luke 12.41-46 juxtaposed with the story of the Pounds/Talents of Matthew 24.14-50 and Luke 19.11-27. Below I will post the SBL GNT text of both of these narratives in downloadable PDFs. I have marked in red where it seems like the text relates and left black where it does not. Take a look at these two (both classified as Double Tradition) and note the drastic differences:

Two Slaves: LePort. Two Slaves

Pounds and Talents: LePort. Pounds and Talents 

You may find an error or something overlooked. If so, let me know!