Roger Nam of George Fox University asked if we’d be willing to announce an event taking place on Friday, November 11th from 9AM-Noon. It is titled “Who am I? Who are you? A Muslim Perspective on the Role of Faith in Identity Formation”. The event features Maria Ebrahimji, Fatemeh Fakhrale, and Muda Idow. The blurb on the event is as follows:

Our self-perception is to a large extent shaped by our core convictions… the effects of which can lay hidden
for a lifetime.

Identity is shaped in part by the core convictions of one’s faith. Yet often we are unable see exactly how these are interrelated. By listening to voices from outside the Christian faith tradition, we may be able to more clearly see the role faith plays in shaping one’s identity. A panel of Muslim women will share stories of how their faiths shape and inform who they are.

Join us for this rare opportunity to look at faith and identity from a Muslim perspective.

In a world where Christianity and Islam represent a large portion of the world’s population it is important for us to understand each other. Often Christians and Muslims have used violence rather than dialogue to sort out differences. I think conversation is better, so if you are able to attend this event I welcome you to consider it. To learn more go here.