(15) Peter Enns observes some reoccurring mistakes in the Adam/Evolution discussion.

(14) Christianity Today reports that belief in God seems to be tied into personal income.

(13) Tim Kimberely profiles John Calvin.

(12) Michael Aubrey is seeking definitions of the Greek aspect.

(11) Refe Tuma added more resources to his Greek Reading Aids.

(10) Brian McLaren discusses the future of seminary.

(9) Mason Slater asks if Paul wrote the Pastoral Epistles.

(8) N.T. Wright’s inaugural lecture at the University of St. Andrews is available in text form.

(7) Bobby Ross Jr. covered the Licona Controversy for Christianity Today. Again and again, I see this situation as confirmation for my decision to not participate much with a particular element of evangelicalism.

(6) John Bergsma was interviewed about the Dead Sea Scrolls.

(5) Daniel Kirk shares Philo’s statements about Moses, a god and king.

(4) Tim Henderson inquires into how much the early church knew about the apostles.

(3) Marc Cortez asks you to chose your favorite church father.

(2) Trevin Wax shares the surprise of discovering he was an Apollinarian.

(1) Luke Todd (a friend) is blogging now!