4:05 PM: Ending day one in a session discussing Scripture in the Synoptics.

1:05 PM Next up: S19-242a, “The Future of Biblical Studies: What Research Still Needs to be Done?”

11:00 AM Terry Bedbarz gave a paper on Lk 16.24-18 and now it is Timothy Lang of Duke University on Lk 17.37.

10:15 AM Chad Hartsock is discussing the Lukan pericope about the man healed of dropsy. He argues that it is a metaphor for wealth.

9:35 AM Now it’s Peter Rice on the same broad subject.

9:25 AM I’m listening to Greg Carey discuss Lukan redaction of Mark.

8:45 AM I am at my first session. It is S19-138 on “Reading Luke’s Redaction and Rhetoric”. I will tweet updated from @brianleport.

7:10 AM It begins! I will be walking over to the Mascone Center area in a few minutes. If you are an early bird who is up for meeting I will be at the SBUX near the center. For more frequent updates follow me @brianleport on Twitter.