Scott Hahn

For those who did not browse through my notes from “Jesus, A Public Figure, a Public Announcement: A Dialogue with N.T. Wright” (see here) I thought I’d mention again a statement made by Dr. Scott Hahn that has stuck with me:

“The New Testament was a sacrament before it was a document.”

I appreciated this reminder. I enjoy exegesis and historical-critical research, but sometimes such endeavors lead us to forget that we were given Scripture during its formation into canon not merely for the sake of defining orthodoxy, or for providing scholars with materials to examine, but as a means of worshipping the Christian God revealed through Jesus. This is not to deny the usefulness of these documents for forming orthodoxy or for biblical scholarship, but rather it is a reminder of one of the primary purposes of Scripture that we are dangerously close to forgetting if we are not intentional in remembering.