"E = MC2! C'mon people, it's not that difficult to understand."

Paul Copen wrote an article titled “Creation and Evolution: Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing” that is worth reading, but the best part was one the comments. Let me reproduce it here (from here):

Can you imagine God telling Moses:

God: “Now Mo, I want you to pass on the following information to the uneducated, polytheistic slaves ok? Then they will understand that I am the Lord their God ok? Ahem, so. In the beginning, about twelve billion years ago, was an infinite singularity. In it was all the matter in the universe see?”

Moses: “Whats a universe?”

God: “Ok, right now Moses, I’m trying to work with you here. Even if you don’t understand, just write this down. Thousands of years from now some people who call themselves ‘scientists’ will ask this question and the answer will have been written down by you ok? I can’t go into that now though it’s too complicated.

Where were we? Now, this infinite singularity sort of well exploded and..”

Moses: “Whats a singularity?”

God: “Moses, son of Amram! Please listen! Please don’t interrupt and try not to ask endless questions, just write! Ok?”

Moses: “Yeah sorry. Errm ok.”

God: “So this infinite singularity exploded, and within a few billionths of a second, the groundwork for the laws of physics started to be laid down as all this matter expanded at a speed near that of light see? As the matter cooled down, subatomic elementary particles started to form such as quarks and gauge bosons.”

Moses: “God?”

God: “Yesss what is it now?”

Moses: “Is there a simpler version?”

God: “Sigh. Yes. In the beginning I created the heavens and the earth…”

This was one of the major paradigms shifts that occurred for me when I read Peter Enn’s Inspiration and Incarnation a few years ago: God’s inspiration is not divorced from the language and concepts of the humans authors. Another way of thinking of it is as Christian Smith emphasizes in The Bible Made Impossible, we must understand the Bible we have as the Word of God by acknowledging that it is the Bible we have. In other words, let’s be careful not to make it into something it is not. We cannot be Docetic about Scripture.