I’ve been thinking a bit more about Mark 13 since I posted on it a few days ago (see “The ‘delayed parousia’ of Mark 13”). Two brief thoughts came to mind.

(1) For those who maintain a futurist position what justification do we have in reading the whole passage as about some future temple considering Jesus was pointing to the one present at the time and he was telling his disciples that they would see it fall. I don’t buy that this was figurative and that there must be some eschatological temple. It doesn’t make sense of the narrative. It doesn’t make sense of Matthew or Luke either, especially Luke’s additional statements about the age/time of the Gentiles/nations.

(2) For those who maintain this passage refers to a failed prophecy of Jesus why would Jesus be speaking of a coming as the Son of Man? Did he envision an ascent into heaven allowing him to become a Daniel 7 figure? Most who postulate that Jesus gave a false prophecy regarding his parousia would doubt that he spoke of his resurrection in any meaningful way, so what context do we have for his appearance in the sky?

I’m thinking out loud here.