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(12) Leslie Kenney pleads with women scholars to stay in the Christian academy.

(11) Michael Heiser’s first draft of his forthcoming book on the divine council is available online for free for now.

(10) Luke Todd provides his doctrinal statement on “God”.

(9) Brian Gronewoller asks if Christians should refuse to explain Christianity.

(8) Mason Slater writes about various “brands” of Christian theology.

(7) Michael Patton admits Christianity is bizarre, but maintains it is not absurd.

(6) Derek Ouellette examines tithing.

(5) Ben Myers asks why we should pray.

(4) Marc Cortez announces that the ETS NW Regional Meeting will feature John Walton and Tremper Longman addressing Genesis 1-2. It will be held at Western Seminary in Portland, OR. Also, Steve Leckvold compares Augustine and Chrysostom’s approach to Genesis 1.

(3) Peter Enns reviewed C. John Collins’ Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? 

(2) Rachel Held Evans reviewed Mark and Grace Driscoll’s Real Marriage. Also, she calls us to love the Bible we have, not the one we want. Daniel Kirk adds some additional thoughts and Kirk’s new book Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? is being reviewed across several blogs next week. See the schedule.

(1) Jim Linville posted this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival.