The oral defense for my Th.M. thesis has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 from 12 noon to 2 PM. At Western Seminary this includes one hour on the content of the thesis and one hour discussing past classes taught by the faculty on my panel. Those faculty will be Dr. Marc Cortez, Dr. James De Young, and Dr. Todd Miles. I took classes on subjects like the gospel and world religions, the formation of the canon, the New Perspective on Paul, the Synoptic Problem, Greek Fathers, and an introduction to philosophy from these professors, so those will be the topic covered.

As I prepare for the defense I will be posting on these subjects. It would be great to have anyone and everyone who wants to dialogue on these matters comment on the various posts when interested. This means I will be revisiting everything from pluralism to Markan Priority to Athanasius of Alexandria! If any of these subjects is your tasse de thé save this blog to your reader so we can interact!