Does Mitt Romney's Mormonism matter to you?

For many it was difficult to vote for John F. Kennedy because he was a Roman Catholic. There was a fear that Washington D.C. would be governed indirectly by Rome. If the President was to be a good Catholic who obeyed the authority of the Pope wouldn’t this influence his policy decisions?

It appears Mitt Romney may win the nomination of the Republican Party this year. For many there is concern over his Mormonism. If Romney is in D.C. does this mean that Salt Lake City governs the nation?

Personally, I am not troubled by Romney’s religious views. At this juncture I plan on voting for the reelection of President Obama no matter who is nominated on the other side. Yet for some evangelicals this creates quite a tension. They may agree with many of Romney’s policies, but they are not sure if they can vote for a Mormon because of theological differences. 


Could you vote for Mitt Romney? Why or why not?