Carole Spencer was still part of the regular faculty when I took Spirituality and the Writings of the Mystics. This was one of the most enjoyable classes I had, even though it was presented in a hybrid format, a format from which I tend to shy away. Carole’s knowledge of the mystics were astounding, and the class, as a whole, challenged me in the way I relate to God. It was upon reading the mystics that I learned that there is a depth and a profundity to God that goes completely beyond human expression. The believer who becomes truly lost in and united with God is transformed into one whose life is characterized by purity, joy, and holiness.

Although much of the mystical writings have been by Catholics, Carole also pointed out Protestant mystical writers, like George Fox. Even C. S. Lewis has writings that could be considered mystical. Although mysticism is often characterized by undefinable experiences, there are what I would call mystical characteristics, and can see these in many genuine believers.

Many thanks, Carole, for inspiring me to toward unity with the holy God and for some guidance on getting there.