...or is it?

Every election season one of the subjects discussed most frequently by evangelicals is abortion. Most evangelicals (and Roman Catholics) stand against the legalization of abortion. Yet this isn’t the only “pro-life” issue worth considering. There are at least two other things impacted by whom one votes into various political positions: (1) warfare and (2) capital punishment.

Today’s question is simple: “Is your ‘pro-life’ ethic internally consistent?” In other words, do you know why you are against abortion, but OK with capital punishment and war or against war and capital punishment, but OK with abortion? Please explain your thought process on this important matter!

Of course, other matters could be considered “pro-life” like various environmental policies that may impact the lifespan and quality of life for people in particular regions. If you want to mention your views on such matters you’re welcome to do so in the comments section.