FOX's Alcatraz

When LOST was popular I was working full-time doing a graveyard shift while going to graduate school at the same time. Needless to say I didn’t have an opportunity to dedicate much time to the last project by J.J. Abrams, et al. By the time I considered watching the end of the story was being talked about everywhere so I lost interest.  I hope Fox’s new show Alcatraz will be my redemption!

I watched episode 1 last night and it caught my attention enough to keep me viewing. (I watched it without my wife though, so you know I will be watching it twice!) The main plot is that when Alcatraz closed its doors it wasn’t because they transferred all the prisoners elsewhere. It is because they disappeared and they are reappearing decades later. You can read the network’s fuller description here.

I don’t image that there is much to “spoil” at this juncture, but if anyone comments and you read the comments be aware we may talk about what happened.

Did anyone else watch it yet? What did you think? What would you guess is happening? Do you think it has staying power?