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(15) Nijay Gupta outlines the ethics of reviewing books. Nick Norelli adds some additional thoughts.

(14) Jonathan Tran introduces us to “the new black theology”. Rodney Thomas has some follow-up comments.

(13) Bo Sanders examines 21st century theology.

(12) Daniel Kirk says there is no such thing as a “Christian” natural theology.

(11) John Bergsma explains why materialism cannot explain consciousness.

(10) Jonathan Martin explains why Mark Driscoll is wrong about women in leadership.

(9) Al Mohler explains why the ‘abortion issue’ won’t go away.

(8) John Perry says we need more political dimensions.

(7) Carol Newsome talks about reading as a spiritual discipline.

(6) Daniel O. McClellan created a list of every reference to deity in Hebrew and Aramaic in the Hebrew Bible.

(5) Bob MacDonald revists Jonah 1.1-9.

(4) Andrew Perriman seeks to identify the 144,000 of the Book of Revelation.

(3) Preston Sprinkle explains the New Perspective on Paul.

(2) Joel Willitts reflects on the conversion of Paul.

(1) Larry Hurtado tells us about Ehrensperger’s understanding of Paul’s Jewish identity.