Dan Wallace has written another post on the rumored “earliest” fragment of the Gospel of Mark. While there are no additional details he does seem quite optimistic that further study of what could be “…a manuscript that is dated within the lifetime of many of the eyewitnesses to Jesus’ resurrection! ” You can read his full post here: “Earliest Fragment of the New Testament Discovered?

In the meantime we should listen to the words of James McGrath who writes, “The best course is neither to assume authenticity and risk seeming to have been duped, nor to assume inauthenticity and risk finding ourselves insisting something is inauthentic even once test results are in and point towards authenticity.” He is correct. If we aren’t patient we could become more emotionally invested in the results that we ought to be. I encourage people to read his full post “Patience, Not Undue Skepticism, Regarding Early Mark Manuscript Claims“.