Will Willimon is a Bishop in the United Methodist Church. He has noticed a negative impact on Spanish language Methodist churches in Alabama ever since the law HB56 was implemented. He wrote a post to his people informing them of this sad news. This is the opening paragraph:

“The fastest growing ethnic group in United Methodism are Spanish-speaking Methodists. North Alabama Methodists have invested huge resources in establishing nearly a dozen new congregations in the past few years. These new churches have become spiritual dynamos of our conference, leading our conference in baptisms and professions of faith – until HB56, our state’s notorious immigration law.”

I recommend reading the rest of “Our Spanish Speaking Churches in the Aftermath of HB56”.

We Christians in the United States need to think about allegiances. I know people will say, “They broke the law.” Yes, yes, but there are times when the laws are not just and when we need to try to enact change. I am convinced that immigration laws in this country need much reform. It is sad to think that people who share our citizenship in the Kingdom of God are being harmed because they don’t share out citizenship in our country.