Miranda and I on our way to a cooking class for our Valentine's Weekend date.

This will be my fifth Valentine’s Day with Miranda Jane Perez-LePort, three as a married couple (one dating, one engaged beforehand). Every year is more enjoyable and our relationship seems to be richer. There is no one in the world that I love more nor anyone with which I’d rather spend my days.

My wife is beautiful, she is talented, she is intelligent, she is charismatic, she is kind, she is loving.

In our culture more and more people are choosing relationships void of the institution of marriage. I think they are settling for less. There is nothing quite as wonderful as wrestling through life with another person to whom you’ve vowed everything. It is this commitment to my wife and from her that makes me a better person. I’ve seen myself mature greatly since I’ve met my wife and I know it is her strong influence that is making me everything I can become. I would never trade the security, commitment, and day-to-day adventure I find with my wife for the cheap imitations I see around me.