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(11) Daniel Kirk seeks to shadow Christ during Lent. Tim Kimberely provides a history of Lent. Tim Gombis gives a homily for Ash Wednesday. Lauren Winner says Ash Wednesday belongs in the streets. John Byron shares Jewish Wisdom for Ash Wednesday.

(10) Bruce Reyes-Chow will not say that you aren’t a Christian.

(9) Tripp Fuller asks if Jesus had to died to save us from sin.

(8) Rodney Thomas frames C.S. Lewis as an anti-colonial subversive.

(7) James K.A. Smith writes an open letter to praise bands.

(6) Andrew Gabriel asks, “Do generational curses exist?

(5) Bobby Grow continues to reexamine the “two-willed God” of some Calvinist.

(4) Nijay Gupta looks at the troubling philosophy addressed in the Book of Colossians.

(3) John Byron asks if Timothy evangelized the Apostle Paul.

(2) Andrew Perriman revisits the words of John the Baptist, “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

(1) Tim Henderson continues to investigate claims that the Apostle Peter was the source of the Gospel of Mark.