Should we coexist? Is Christianity one way of many?

Yesterday I asked people to chat with me about Christian universalism (see “If you’re a Christian universalist, why?”). Today I want to hear from Christian pluralist. By a “Christian pluralist” I mean you consider yourself a Christian, you find God provided your salvation as the Christian religion proclaims, but you think God has provided multiple path ways to salvation. To use Hudson Smith’s analogy: It is a large mountain with many paths but one destination.

Let me know what makes you a Christian pluralist!

– What other paths lead to God? Islam? Buddhism? Hinduism?

– Do you think there are any religions that do not lead to God?

– What do we do with the uniqueness of Jesus if there are other ways to God?

– Why are you a Christian if there are other equally valuable paths?

It would be great to hear from you!