Every good and perfect gift...

This morning I wrote a half-joking, pithy Tweet while eating toast covered in Nutella. It read, “Atheism would be a viable option if Nutella didn’t exist.” This is a derivative of C.S. Lewis’ and other’s theistic argument known as “the problem of good.” It is one thing to question the existence of God because of evil, but then we must ask why we have any concept of good and evil, beauty and ugliness.

I propose that Nutella is one of those good things about life that makes me thankful. If I am thankful then I must ask to whom. While the human creators of Nutella deserve honor it doesn’t stop there. I am thankful to the Creator who gifted the minds of those who created Nutella so that they could bring this wonderful substance into the world.

Then enters one Geoff Holsclaw! He claims it is the opposite. He says, “Atheism is viable because Nutella exists!” I call him a blasphemer and he called me a heretic.

So I am convening an online council.

Is Nutella something that leads you to believe that a good God must exist or does it contribute to the problem of evil?