Darwin (courtesy of biologos.org)

As I mentioned a couple days ago I have begun teaching through the biblical canon at my church on Sundays (see “Introducing the Hebrew Scriptures”). This weekend I will be teaching on the creation narrative of Genesis 1-2. I don’t know that the conversation will move toward how this story relates to the doctrines of modern science regarding evolution, anthropology, and so forth, but it could. So how do you handle teaching this story in a post Darwin world?

(1) Do you ignore modern science in favor of the biblical text?

This can come across as a sort of naive fundamentalism. On the other hand, it would allow the class to focus on the literary/theological message without being distracted. I fear that is modern science is ignore completely it could come across as disingenuous. On the other hand, I don’t want to be forced into giving a lesson on matters that I am unqualified to address.

(2) Do you explain the text with reference to modern science?

While this avoids the problems of appearing to be a fundamentalist or someone who is disingenuous about the real tensions that exist it could distract from the literary/theological message and it could lead me into discussing matters that I am not qualified to address.

So how would you approach it? Remember, I teach at an evangelical church and most evangelicals are suspicious of evolution (a suspicion that I don’t share, but I want to be sensitive).