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Andrew Perriman addresses the sinlessness of Jesus.

Craig A. Evans was interviewed by about his book Jesus and His World.

Daniel Kirk ponders atonement and martyrdom through the lens of 2 Maccabees.

Nathan MacDonald seeks to address why one should bother with Genesis.

Walter Brueggemann lists his top five books on the Psalms.

John Hobbins is reading the Bible with Hans-Georg Gadamer.

Peter Enns warns against “creating the Bible in our own image.” Also, he ponders what it would be like to live a whole year as a follower of Jesus.

Rachel Held Evans shares some quotes from N.T. Wright on the inspiration of Scripture. Tim Gombis shares some quotes from Wright on the neglect of the Gospels by Christians.

Craig Keener discusses the importance of context for Bible study.

Nijay Gupta reviews The Jewish Annotated New Testament.