Dr. Jerome Wernow is not listed on the website as one of the faculty of Western Seminary though he does contribute by lecturing on matters related to ethics and philosophy. He is the executive director of the Northwest Center of Bioethics. Most importantly he has been one of my favorite mentors.

Jerome has a brilliant mind and a big heart, which is a unique combination. He joined our philosophy and ethics class a few years ago and he did a fine job of keeping all of us students on our toes asking us questions and providing us with parabolic answers. When he gave his talk on bioethical issues I lamented that this is a standard subject of all M.DIV students. Thankfully, Western Seminary’s online learning option will include a class that he teaches on the subject.

I will miss going to lunch with Jerome to talk about ontology and epistemology while eating Cuban or Lebanese food. Those lunch meetings were all fun and encouraging. About a week before my thesis defense/oral exam I went to lunch with him and I was able to keep pace in our conversation. I knew at that point that I was ready for the exam. I knew if I could keep up with Jerome I was in good shape.

Jerome, thank you for being a great friend and mentor over the last couple years!