In the thirteenth proposition of John H. Walton’s The Lost World of Genesis One he proposes that Genesis 1 doesn’t conflict with science because they speak to two different subjects. 

For Walton,”God is the one responsible for creation in every respect (p. 117).” God is the primary cause of all that exists and he says that this is what Genesis 1 addresses. If someone reads Genesis 1 through the lens of his “functional cosmic temple” interpretation then there is no need to pit the depiction given in Genesis 1 against the findings of modern science.

Walton’s argument is that Genesis 1 and science address two different “layers” of meaning. Science cannot address whether God exists or whether or not God is the Creator since science is restricted to “things that are demonstrable, and more importantly, those things that are falsifiable…(p. 114).”

Now this is where the division between function and ontology matter to Walton’s thesis. If someone doesn’t find his argument convincing that there is a clear distinction between function and ontology in Genesis 1, then this point is weakened. If they do agree, then it is strengthened.