A while ago I created a commenting policy so that readers of this blog would have a safe place to explore matters related to biblical literature, theology, and Christian practice (see “Commenting Policy”). I have failed to enforce it and I think I have violated it myself at times. I seek to renew my commitment toward making this a forum where respect and cordiality are expected. Sometimes it is hard to know when to end a conversation–both as a moderator of this blog and a participant in the discussions started here. I want people to be free to express their opinions and I do not want people to feel like they cannot passionately defend their views on this or that subject. That said, I fear that in allowing myself and others to say whatever, whenever, I have not protected others who want to join the discussion started here, but who have no stomach for vicious online bickering. I promise to aim to do better at creating a safe place on this blog and I hope anyone offended by the lack of virtue and charity in the comments will accept my sincere apology.