I tested Tumblr for a few weeks, but it seemed a bit excessive. I have decided to post links back on the blog again and I will continue to update the After Emmaus page on Facebook. You can expect my weekly recommendations to appear on Fridays.

Marc Cortez, Can You Get to Athens from Jerusalem?

Peter Enns, What Biblical Scholars Do

Rachel Held Evans, Wright’s 5 Recommendations for Reading Scripture Today

Luke Geraty, Speaking in Tongues as Spiritual Warfare? 

Nijay Gupta, Pheme Perkins Commentary on 1 Corinthians (Review)

John Hobbins, The Desirability of Metaphor-for-Metaphor Translation

Michael Licona, Dan Wallace on the New Manuscript Finds

Andrew Perriman, Why are the nations in the new heaven and new earth?

Rodney Thomas, Zizek, Genre, and Narrative Biblical Interpretation

Joel Willits, Ancient Bethlehem Seal

– John Byron, A Bethlehem Seal from the First Temple Period