This is my weekly list of recommendations. You can find daily links at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

Don Carson, What’s Up with Melchizedek? 

Julie Clawson, Discovering Christian Feminism, Pt. 1 ; Discovering Christian Feminism, Pt. 2 ; Discovering Christian Feminism, Pt. 3 ; Discovering Christian Feminism, Pt. 4 

Rachel Held Evans w. Mimi Haddad, Ask an Egalitarian ; Ask an Egalitarian (Response)

Rachel Held Evans, Let’s Start at the Beginning Shall We? ; 4 Misconceptions about Egalitarianism ; Submission in Context: Christ and the Greco-Roman Household Codes ; Who’s Who Among Biblical Women Leaders?

Tim Gombis, Election According to Scripture (Pt. 4) ; Election According to Scripture (Pt. 5) ; Election According to Scripture (Pt. 6) ; Election According to Scripture (Pt. 7)

Daniel Kirk, Why Getting the Bible Right is Critical for Our Faith

Clifford Kvidahl, (Review) A New Testament Biblical Theology: The Unfolding of the Old Testament in the New

T. Michael Law, Biblical Womanhood?

Peter J. Leithart, Conversation or Monologue?

Brian LePort w. Paul Bruggink, A survey of views on the historicity of Adam and Eve

Jack Levinson, A Snake Handler’s Lethal Embrace of Religious Ecstasy 

Amanda MacInnis, How to Survive Seminary with Young Children

Scot McKnight, Ten Reasons to Attend Seminary

Michael Michalko, How Geniuses Think

C. Michael Patton, The Role of an Exegete

Andrew Perriman, What I think Romans is about

Bo Sanders, Dealing with Demons (a progressive take)