Rachel Held Evans has posted a long list of articles written by men and women from the egalitarian perspective for this year’s inaugural Week of Mutuality: Mutuality 2012 Synchroblog. I found this to be quite exciting! As I’ve said, I came to Christianity through Pentecostalism where the gifting and calling of a person was the sign of what the Holy Spirit sought to do in and through their life, not their gender. This doesn’t mean gender is not important, but rather that it does not limit. As the prophet Joel said of the New Covenant given to us through the Holy Spirit, “Your sons and your daughters will prophesy (2.28).” Indeed, these contributions are a wonderful example of God using his children–men and women–as instruments. There are more great articles than you will have time to read, but I recommend you browse through the list.

The church is a better place when the Spirit’s work is not quenched because a man has bias against a women or a woman has bias against a men. A marriage is healthier when two people are committed to being a team unit rather than a hierarchy. Even for so-called “complementarians” who believe in particular gender roles I think the challenge stands: love your wife as Christ loved the church. That hardly means, “Your maleness is a trump card.” I know there may never be a day this side of the Second Coming where the Apostle Paul’s words “in Christ…their is neither male nor female” will be fully recognized just like there may never be a time without war, or a time where no one is impoverished, or a time when there is no sickness. But when I see little glimpses of what I saw through this Week of Mutuality I am reminded that the eschatological dream of God can happen just like there will be a time when weapons are destroyed, the poor are made rich, and our bodies are completely healed through resurrection life.

Thank you Rachel Held Evans and all the other contributors for giving me a little piece of eschatological bliss this week!