Accoring to Forbes the best and worse paying Master’s degrees are the following:


1. Physician Assistant Studies

2. Computer Science

3. Electrical Engineering

4a. Mathematics (tie)

4b. Information Systems

6. Physics

7. Occupational Therapy

8. Health Care Administration

9. Nursing

10. Economics


1. Library and Information Science

2. English

3. Music

4. Education

5. Biology

6. Chemistry

7. Counseling

8. History

9. Architecture

10. Human Resource Management

I am surprised to see a lack of seminary related degrees (except counseling). I guess education and history are related to the goals of some seminary students (those wanting to teach biblical studies). I think the average pastor in the United States earns something like thirty thousand a year, which is enough for pork and beans and not much else. So add the M.Div to that list!

(HT: Marc Cortez)