A few months ago I put the finishing touches on my Th.M thesis Creation Waits: A Study of the Epistle to the Romans 8.18-25. I found the writing/research to be a wonderful learning experience, but I wasn’t satisfied with the focus of the thesis. Rather, one of my supporting arguments for how I interpreted 8.18-25 proved to be more interesting than my main argument.

In one chapter I gave attention to a variety of places in Romans where I felt Paul’s argument was influenced by his interpretation of Genesis or at least the language and images of Genesis. I thought that there may be potential in further developing my research into something comparable in aim with J. Ross Wagner’s Heralds of the Good News: Paul and Isaiah in Concert in the Letter to the Romans where the author examines Paul’s use of Isaiah in Romans.

I proposed my idea to a local publisher down in Eugene, Wipf and Stock. We are working on the contract details now!

The book should be titled Creation Waits: Paul’s Use of the Book of Genesis in the Epistle to the Romans. If all goes well it will be released in 2013.

Pray for me!