This is my weekly list of recommendations. You can find daily links at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

BAS Staff, Josephus on the Essenes

Michael Barber, Jesus as Prophet, His Prophetic Signs and the Last Supper

Kevin Brown, How Greek Has Changed Over the Past Two Millenia

John Byron, The dos and don’ts of why you learn Greek ; Medicine in the Ancient World

Gerald Cleaver, What is the Higgs Boson?

Marc Cortez, 5 Reasons the “Image of God” is Ambiguous 

Brandy Daniels, So You Want to Read…Dietrich Bonhoeffer?

Kevin DeYoung, Jesus’ Doctrine of Scripture

Peter Enns, Jesus Has a Fallen Nature, Just Like the Bible

Rachel Held Evans, Can God Speak Through Myth?

Jonalyn Fincher, Do Feminists Treat Men Like Tools?

Tim Gombis, Paul’s Argument in Galatians 3:10-14

Michael Heiser, Allegorical Interpretation of the Names of Genesis 5

Craig Keener, Jesus Existed

Daniel Kirk, No Longer a Slave, but a Son

Abram, J-K, Luke (Zondervan, ECNT), reviewed; Why you need the Septuagint 

Josh McManaway, Advice on applying to Ph.D programs in Patristics/History of Christianity

Bo Sanders, I am not a pacifist nor am I non-violent ; Who Believes in Miracles? Prayer and the Practice of God’s Presence

Ben Stevens, Lost in Translation

Justin Taylor, Using a Diagram to Illustrate Trinitarian Relationships

Rodney Thomas, Can Atheist Be Pastors?