Today is the three year anniversary of being married to my amazing wife Miranda. It has been wonderful. We were married in San Francisco, CA. We honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As soon as we returned to the United States we packed our few belongings and moved to Portland, OR. Now our time here is coming to an end as we prepare to move to San Antonio, TX.

Every step of the journey has been worthwhile. Every new day together is an opportunity to love, learn, and mature. As you begin to know another person, and trust that person, it creates the potential for the best version of all human relationships. Marriage is really quite wonderful, though it is hard work, and though many of the celebrity-types in our culture have cheapened it. It is a risk to give yourself so fully to another, but it is worth it when both people participate.

I am so thankful for my wife and I anticipate that the next three years will be even better than the first three.

I love you Miranda!