This is my weekly list of recommendations. You can find daily links at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

Michael Bird, Who Were the Elders and What Did They Do?

Greg Boyd, Shouldn’t preachers rally Christians to fight political injustice?

John Byron, Seal helps give substance to the story of Samson? ; Remains of First Century Jews in the Temple Mount?

Marc Cortez, ‘Image’ is a Verb

Rachel Held Evans, Some words for Christians on both sides of the Chic-Fil-a war

Mark Goodacre, Thomas and the Gospels–Excerpt from Chapter 1

Michael Heiser, Second Temple Texts in Translation (podcast)

Larry Hurtado, On Competence, Scholarly Authority, and Open Discussion

Abram K-J, A Brief History of Old Testament Criticism: From Benedit Spinoza to Brevard Childs, Review

Leslie Keeney, Why the Trinity is Not the Complementarian Trump Card: Part 3

Jonathan Martin, The missing Jesus

Joseph Pazar, Oneness Pentecostalism in Relation to the Rest of Christianity, Pt 1; Pt 2; Pt 3; Pt 4 

Josh McManaway, John Chrysostom: On the Priesthood 1.3

Roger E. Olson, Why is Jonathan Edwards considered so great?

Josh Starkey, How Literature Can Aid Your Worship

Mark Stevens, What if this is good as it gets?

Rodney Thomas, Barriers to Racial Reconciliation: Black Evangelicals and Confederate Gray ; The Importance of Christ Centered Theology ; Martin Luther: Was He Pretty Confused?