About two years ago I attempted to summarize why Paul wrote Romans (see Why Did the Apostle Paul Write Romans?). Today I was reading A. Katherine Grieb’s book The Story of Romans: A Narrative Defense of God’s Righteousness and she offers eight reasons for Paul writing Romans. I thought I’d share (pp. 14-16):

“1. Paul wrote to introduce himself and his theology, especially his controversial law-free gospel for Gentile converts, to the house churches at Rome.”

“2. Paul wrote to correct false impressions and misunderstandings about what he taught.”

“3. Paul wrote to reassure the Jewish Christians at Rome of the priority of Israel and the irrevocability of God’s covenant with Israel.”

“4. Paul wrote to reassure the Gentile Christians at Rome of God’s impartiality and of the fact that they, too, were included in God’s covenant promises to the patriarchs of Israel, even though their males were not circumcised.”

“5. Paul wrote to urge the Roman Christians to quit fighting over nonessential matters and live together as a unity with diversity.”

“6. Paul wrote to recommend Phoebe, his coworker who probably had carried his letter to Rome.”

“7. …Paul wrote to start building the Roman house churches into the base of operations he would need for his mission to Spain.”

“8….Paul wrote to proclaim the gospel of God to them.”