It’s true.

This is my weekly list of recommendations. You can find daily links at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

Anthony Bradley, Why most blacks tend to vote for Democrats?

John Byron, Did Jesus Heal a Centurion’s Same-Sex Partner?

Matt Emerson, Is God Going to Go All Death Star on the Earth When Jesus Returns? 

Luke Geraty, “All Israel Will be Saved!”

Mark Goodacre, Vertical Blogs vs. Horizontal Blogs 

Larry Hurtado, The Jesus Discussion: Let’s Move On

Tim Keller, The danger of asking God, “Why me?”

Erin Kidd, Women’s Work

– Rodney Thomas, Ain’t I a Working Woman: Race and Which Women Can’t Have It All

Daniel Kirk, Interpreting an Inspired Bible

J. Carl Laney, Am I Losing My Faith?

Matthew R. Malcolm, Structure and Overview of 1 Peter

James McGrath, Did Jesus Understand Genesis 2 Literally?Biblical Faith is not Avoiding Doubt, nor is It Feeling Curtain ; Arguing for Jesus ; Review of Richard C. Carrier, Proving History

Joshua McManaway, John Chrysostom: On the Priesthood 1.4

C Michael Patton, The Five Great Mysteries of the Christian Faith

Rodney Thomas, So You Wanna Read the Bible with Suspicion?

Kurt Willems, N.T. Wright on Why Women Should be in Pastoral Roles

Ben Witherington III, Critical Study of the Bible and My Faith Journey ; Inspiration and Canon from a Historical Viewpoint ; Tendentious Scribes and Textual Criticism