…or maybe the New Jerusalem will be San Francisco, maybe?

[Begin ramble]

My wife and I leave Portland, OR, on the 14th of September. That is a month away! It has not quite hit me yet that I am about to experience a major life transition. I guess this is because it seems natural. Well, most of it. Several people have commented on how odd it is for them to think of me as a Texan. I remind them that I will be a Californian living in Texas like I have been a Californian living in Oregon. No one is buying it.

I will miss many of the people I have met in Oregon, but I won’t miss Oregon. I never felt at home here. It is too rainy. It is too cold. The “Portlandia” culture tries too hard. (“Keep Portland Weird” sounds lame to someone who lived in San Francisco where no effort was needed.) If I were more of an outdoors person I think I would have enjoyed it more. I am a city person though. I am glad we moved into downtown Portland for our last year here. It made things much more enjoyable.

I don’t know how I will “fit” in Texas, but being near family will be a major upgrade. Holidays have been difficult. There is nothing like being alone as a couple on a day like Thanksgiving. Now that we will be near my wife’s family this should change a bit.

Also, I have been told by many that San Antonio is a great city. I am sure I will enjoy the sunshine, the river walk, the ethnic diversity (not found in Portland), Spurs games, and football rivalries Texas-style.

I know there is no where on earth (save maybe Paris, Rome, and Jerusalem) that I will appreciate and enjoy as much as San Francisco. It will always be “home” for me. I hope that someday we will return there. If not, I will always have the memories and I know I can visit.

This Sunday is our last Sunday at our local church–Grace Bible. I have taught a class there for about a year and a half–first on the Gospel of John then a “big picture” introduction to the Bible. My wife was part of the worship team. It was nice to be part of a community where we could contribute. We enjoyed our time there.

My last day as an employee at Western Seminary in the 12th of September. I know there are people scrambling for my job (enrollment counselor). It is a good one, but I am walking away at the right time. It is the type of job that has a ticking clock for someone like me. It was a great job for a student. My co-workers have been wonderful. I will miss the people, but not the day-to-day tasks.

Ah, transitions.

This feels like a good time to quote Tom Petty from his song, ‘Learning to Fly,’ where he says, “I started out for God knows where/I guess I’ll know when I get there.”

In the meantime, no, I don’t have a job lined up in San Antonio. Thank you to those who have sent me leads or places to look online. I remain open to suggestions!

[End ramble]