This is my weekly list of recommendations. You can find daily links at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

Allan R. Bevere, Science and the Eschatological Challenge to Theology (Pt. 1)

Grace Biskie, A Plea to Engage in Racial Reconciliation

Marc Cortez, Sex Is Natural, Sex Is Good: The Image of God as “Relational”

Brian Davidson, Was Greek Spoken at Qumran? 

Peter Enns, “What is the Gospel? Good Question (and chances are you are wrong)

Katie Grimes, Echoes of Jim Crow: The War on Drugs and Presidential Policies

Bobby Grow, Theological Exegesis and ‘Biblical Studies’

Nikay Gupta, Teaching College Students How to Read ; Four Views on the Apostle Paul (Schreiner/Johnson/Campbell/Nanos) – A Short Review ; Biblical Hermeneutics–Five Views–a Short Review

Chad Hall, Three Reasons We Should NOT Share the Gospel

Abram K-J, And God Planted a Garden… (review of Fred Bahnson and Norman Wirzba in Making Peace with the Land)

Daniel Kirk, Matthew, Jesus, and the Law

Amanda MacInnis w. Dustin Resch, Barth’s Interpretation of the Virgin Birth

Matthew R. Malcom, Narrative theology and the rhetoric of N.T. Wright

Stephen Prothero, Paul Ryan will provoke a debate on Catholic politics ; Christianity and Ayn Rand’s Philosophy are Two Distinct Religions 

Rodney Thomas, My Uncensored Thoughts on the Olympics and Patriotism

Andrew Wilson, The Problems with Academic Theology