There was a time when this blog had several contributors. Eventually we shrunk down to three: JohnDave Medina, Daniel James Levy, and me. I imagine that some readers may wonder where the others have gone or if they are blogging anywhere.

First, Joshua Smith remains a M.DIV student at Western Seminary. As far as I know he has not resumed blogging anywhere.

Second, Ishta Kutesa graduated from Coventry University, and she has informed that she is doing some writing, but I don’t think she blogs anywhere.

Third, Robert Jimenez did resume blogging at Inquiring Minds where he blogged before joining us here. It appears to be inactive at this time though. Robert serves in a pastoral position with a church in southern California.

Fourth, Mark Stevens stopped blogging here so that he could manage a blog that focused more on the pastoral vocation. This resulted in The Parson’s Patch. This blog has remained updated with much frequency and it is a fine blog for those interested in reading about pastoral matters. Mark continues to serve as a pastor in Adelaide, South Australia.

Finally, T.C. Robinson followed Mark’s example with a blog that has a focus on the pastoral vocation. This resulted in This Scroll. I believe T.C. remains involved in pastoral ministry though I am not aware of his current context.

So there you have it. If you have the chance to visit the blogs of those who remained bloggers please do so.