As I sit and watch the Washington Redskins play the New Orleans Saints I can’t escape the theological questions raised by this simple game. So I thought I would see if any bloggers out there are interested in contributing to a series of post on the NFL and Christian theology.

Before you dismiss this as being another bad excuse to talk about Tim Tebow consider some of these questions:

Does God care about football? Is there anything in his created order that he ignores completely? How can we know that God has no interest in the outcome of football games, even if for reasons different than our own? How do these questions relate to broader questions concerning God’s sovereignty over events in the world as well as questions regarding human freedom?

How can we as Christians who follow the teachings of a non-violent Christ find enjoyment in a game that creates a culture of violence? Is the physicality of football redeemable? Are there forms of acceptable violence?

Does the NFL infringe on Sunday as a holy day for Christians? Is it idolatrous to skip a worship gathering to go to watch football?

How should Christians think about the money system of the NFL? Is it just for people to make so much money playing a game?

Does the NFL teach us anything about race? How should we think about race relations in the NFL as juxtaposed with the church? Is it odd that Sundays are the most segregated day of the week in churches but people of various races could care less who sits next to them to watch the game? Why is this? Also, should the Redskins change their name? The Chiefs?

If you’d be interested in contributing a post to answering one of these questions or a question of your own please leave a comment. If we can get five or more people to participate I will host a blog conference on the subject here. I hope to hear from you!